Sam Fenner is also well known for her contemporary and eye-catching pet portraits,

succeeding in skillfully conveying each animal's unique expression and

capturing their personality on canvas.

Sam has painted over 300 pet portraits for their delighted owners and her commission book

is always well stocked.



R&F Eades, 'PRINCE'

We can't recommend Sam highly enough; her personal service, enthusiasm, attention to detail and most importantly her artwork is just brilliant, thank you Sam ! 

The Boxers photoshopped.jpg

N&L Eckersley, 'The Boxers'

We absolutely love it, it is perfect, thank you so much for all your hard work and great talent.

Cheeky Deer.jpg

J Sears, 'Don't Be Cheeky Deer'

Love it ! My sister and her husband-to-be are getting married on an estate on a deer park  and this will always remind them of it!

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