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Sam Fenner Art Gift Cards are available to purchase online using Paypal or credit card.

Redeemable in-store at Sam's studio in Worcester, UK or by calling Sam on 07986669023. These gift cards can not be used for online purchases.

Please see below for full terms and conditions.

or anniversaries, or christenings, or bar mitzvahs or ... ) 

Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Terms of use of Sam Fenner Art (SFA) gift cards

Last updated: 01 October 2020

  1. A Gift Card can be used in full or part payment of absolutely any products available from Sam's studio, 2 Coombs Road, Worcester, WR3 7JG provided the gift card is redeemed within the redemption period applicable. All visits by appointment please.

  2. Unfortunately, a Gift Card cannot be used online. We are also unable to send Gift Cards and vouchers to addresses outside the UK.

  3. The minimum amount needed to activate a Gift Card is £10 and the maximum value which can be placed on a Gift Card is £500.

  4. When products are purchased using a Gift Card, no change will be given in cash but any balance remaining on a Gift Card can be used in full or part payment for other products. Where a Gift Card holder wishes to buy products with a value higher than the balance on the Gift Card, he/she will be required to pay the difference in value.

  5. The balance on a Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash or gift vouchers in any format. Where SFA agrees to provide a refund for products purchased using a Gift Card, the amount of the purchase price paid using a Gift Card will be reimbursed by being added to a Gift Card. Where SFA agrees to replace a product, purchased using a Gift Card, with a product of lower value, the difference in value will be reimbursed by being added to a Gift Card.

  6. A Gift Card will expire and any remaining balance will be removed if the Gift Card is not used to make a purchase before the expiry date.

  7. Please look after the Gift Card and treat it like cash. We do not collect and maintain information on the holders of Gift Cards and therefore, if a Gift Card is used without the consent of the Gift Card holder or is lost, stolen or damaged we cannot replace or reimburse the balance on the Gift Card.

  8. SFA may vary these terms and conditions for legal, security or regulatory reasons or may suspend or discontinue the Gift Card scheme where necessary due to circumstances beyond SFA's reasonable control. SFA will give such notice of any variation of the terms and conditions or any suspension or discontinuance of the Gift Card scheme as is reasonably possible. 

  9. Gift Cards are issued by Sam Fenner Art, 2 Coombs Road, Worcester, WR3 7JG. Registered in England 07986669023.

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