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Best selling hairy innocence.


"Mini McMoo is one of my earliest characters and I have to admit I'm pretty attached to the little fella. This wee highland coo print is still as popular now as he was in the early days ... there's something about that little innocent look that is slightly irresistable. Mini McMoo is going for the windswept, slightly defiant, slightly scruffy look, rather like my teenage son, maybe that's why I love him so much!" SF

Mini McMoo Print

Only 2 left in stock
  • An open edition print is a print that has no limit to the the number printed. They are not numbered like limited edition prints.
  • These fine art prints are reproduced on high quality paper.
  • Ready mounted in Antique White Cotswold Mounts which fit standard size frames so no need for bespoke framing.
  • Each print is presented in a high quality protective sleeve and envelope.
  • All prints are hand titled and signed underneath the image.

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