The home of characterful hairy highland cow paintings and humorous animal artwork

Sam Fenner is an award winning animal artist based in Worcester, UK, she sells to collectors worldwide.

Pheasant painting by animal artist Sam Fenner
"It is impossible to look at a Fenner animal work without a smile, a laugh or even a belly-laugh, they are an absolute joy!"
"What’s not to love, fabulous paintings, fabulous artist. Can’t recommend enough, they make me smile every day."


"She’s not just a fabulous artist, but Sam is that rarity that has an amazing eye for the humorous observation, as well as a hugely distinctive style. I have several pieces by Sam in my house, and they all make me smile."


"Fantastic quality and the nicest person you will deal with."


Home is where the art is ...

Sam Fenner is one of the top animal artists in the UK. Since day one of launching Sam Fenner Art, she remains dedicated to producing top quality products, providing excellent customer service and ultimately paintings that make you smile!
Sam runs the ever-growing business from her home studio/shop in Worcester, UK. 
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Highland Cow Painting Sam Fenner