The home of characterful hairy highland cow paintings and humorous animal artwork

Sam Fenner is an award winning animal artist based in Worcester, UK,
she sells to collectors worldwide


"It is impossible to look at a Fenner animal work without a smile, a laugh or even a belly-laugh,
they are an absolute joy!"

Home is where the art is ...

Since day one of launching Sam Fenner Art, Sam remains dedicated to producing top quality products, providing excellent customer service and ultimately creating paintings that make you smile!
Sam runs the ever-growing business from her home studio/shop in Worcester, UK

Visitors welcome!

Highland Cow Painting And Prints For Sale Sam Fenner
"What’s not to love, fabulous paintings, fabulous artist. Can’t recommend enough, they make me smile every day."


   "She’s not just a fabulous artist, but Sam is that rarity that has an amazing eye for the humorous observation, as well as a hugely distinctive style. I have several pieces by Sam in my house, and they all make me smile."


"Fantastic quality and the nicest person you will deal with."


As art prints are more accessible than the original paintings they’re reproduced from, it can be a great way to begin building your art collection.

Choose Open Edition Prints if
you want an affordable smaller print for yourself

or as a gift, or fancy a quick room refresh at home.

Choose Limited Edition Prints if
you want a larger print to make more of a statement, or as a special gift for a special occasion.

Highland Cow Print by Sam Fenner.jpg

Mini prints in fabulous deep black or white frames which can hang on the wall or sit on a shelf. 

 Loads of characters to moooch through,

from hairy highland cows to gorgeous gaggling geese, from handsome hoppity hares to soppy doppy donkeys ...

Great gift ideas for all ages and genders


Framed Animal Art Prints Sam Fenner
Funny Cow Art Painting Sam Fenner

Sam Fenner high quality greetings cards are little works of art all in themselves. Left blank inside, they are perfect for any occasion ... or non-occasion ...
With a recent surge in the purchase of cards, it seems that lots of people are returning to more traditional methods to connect with friends and family ... sending cards just to say hello, not necessarily for an occasion but simply to make someone smile ... 

You can even send a card directly without even lifting a pen! Handwritten and postal service available.

Quirky and weirdly meaningful gifts
designed by Sam Fenner,

made and despatched by Redbubble

Gifts and Homeware

Now who'd a thunk funky pheasant face masks would ever be a thing?
Cow cushions, monkey mugs, fox phone cases, hare hats, llama leggings ...
and so much more!

Redbubble produce unique designs on awesome products from independent artists around the world. Find your thing.

Cow Art Cushion Gift Sam Fenner
Highland Cow Painting Print by Sam Fenner

Giving the gift of art

Can't decide what to buy that special someone, but know they'd appreciate a characterful quirky cow, a horribly handsome hare or a gaggle of sassy geese? Put for your feet up, take the stress out and let them choose for themselves! Give the gift of art with a Sam Fenner Art Gift Card, redeemable online, and won't expire for a few years ...
(they may be indecisive too)