Home is where the art is

garden STUDIO


I am very lucky to be able to work from home, in my garden studio

which doubles up as a little gallery and shop. 

It’s a compact, creative and calming space,

where visitors are always very welcome by appointment. 

Lots of discounted goodies always available too ...

Covid safety rules applicable

Holding a Paintbrush

"If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would eventually spend my days painting mad animal portraits, I would have handed them another drink. But as unlikely as it seemed, that's where I am and that's what I do, and I count myself very lucky.


My motivation is kept alive by people's happy responses to the paintings. Ironically, there is no bigger compliment than hearing someone chuckle when looking at my work, and if I hear a guffaw - job done.


I'm also comforted and somewhat relieved that there are other people out there who seem to share my slightly off-the-wall humour!" SF



Pheasant wip2.jpg

"I became a full time artist in 2010, thanks to a commission for a friend who asked me to paint a huge cow 'kissing' the canvas, the mad menagerie began from that very first 'Mad Cow'.


I started selling at art markets and events, developed my own online shop and have been very fortunate to secure numerous gallery and shop representations over the years.

Hard work and and a genuine love of what I do saw me through those early art markets (often freezing),  busy open studios (much warmer) and exhibitions at several UK galleries (wine).


A hobby that began with a commission for a friend has become a career, and the creation of Sam Fenner Art." SF