highland cow greetings card

"I have a drawer full of these cards in stock, you can't go wrong with them ... beautiful quality and such brilliant characters, my Mum is collecting hers and putting them in different coloured frames, they look so cool!!"

T.Reeves. Brighton 2021

Who doesn't love receiving a card through the post? Going to the effort of hand-writing and posting a card seems all the more special in these days of digital communication, the fact that someone has invested that extra bit of thought and time in you is really rather cool.

With over 50 Sam Fenner designs to choose from, there is a card for everyone for any occasion;

Soppy Cow for Valentine's, Here Come The Girls for bestie's birthday, Wonky Donkey for hubby's birthday ...

and the list goes on ...

And to make life easier, if you can't find a pen or a stamp, a hand-written and direct postage service is also available.