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Original painting, acrylic on deep edge canvas: 61cm wide x 122cm tall x 4cm deep. This beautiful, atmospheric piece will certainly make an impact on any room.


If you love this piece, don't deliberate for too long! This is what the curators say ... "Sam Fenner’s much sought after paintings don't hang on gallery walls for long. One reason Sam engenders such loyalty among collectors is because she imbues her subjects with almost human characteristics as well as being technically excellent paintings. Sam Fenner paints animal portraits, but they are much more than mere realistic images. They have a painterly quality which is an absolute joy. Add to that, the feeling that these animals have almost human characters … and then even more pleasure comes from seeing how Sam's witty and hilarious titles fit the image so closely. Every home should have one."


Current design trends are seeing the return of statement art that boldly sets the tone of the room in a single, large piece. The singular, oversize approach is on the rise perhaps as a way to calm the mind and provide an aesthetic refuge from the image overload stream that our digital lives have become, and hopefully spark some conversation along the way ...

Mooody Blue

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  • 61x122x4cm
  • Acrylic on Loxely Gold Deep Edge canvas which can be hung directly on the wall. This high quality canvas has no staples or pins on the sides, and has been painted completely around the edges for a seamless look. Loxely canvases are constructed of sturdy, solid wood stretcher bars, which are made from sustainably sourced, FSC approved timber.

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