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Geese Funny Girls Bird Art Print

Open Edition Prints

Handsome Highland Cow Print Picture_edit

These fantastic ready-mounted open edition wall prints are individually hand-signed by Sam Fenner, and fit readily available standard size frames

Add personality to your space!

Open edition prints can be reproduced any number of time (unlike limited editions which are limited to a certain number), so they are priced lower than a limited edition print. These affordable open edition prints are a great way to get art onto your walls, and they make great gifts too.

... and not just hairy shaggy cow pictures! Meet the gang ... 
As art prints are more accessible than the original paintings they’re reproduced from, it can be a great way to begin building your art collection.

Choose smaller Open Edition Prints
if you want an affordable smaller print for yourself
or as a gift, or fancy a quick room refresh at home.
Choose Limited Edition Prints
if you want a larger print to make more of a statement, or as a special gift for a special occasion.
Funny pheasant Fine Art Print Fenner

Fleeing The Pheasant Plucker!

"We bought a couple of Sam Fenner's brilliant prints for our new kitchen. Sam framed them for us in beautiful grey wooden frames and we couldn't be happier. Now we want more!"

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