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Haggis Scoticus ...

Original highland cow painting, acrylic on deep edge canvas: 61cm wide x 122cm tall x 4cm deep. Warm grey background.


"I love painting these wild and windy characters, especially on this scale. I love seeing their characters appear on the canvas as the painting progresses ... and then more fun comes from dreaming up a suitable title. My work in progress title was Hamish, so I just gave it even more of a Scottish twist ... and Hamish McHaggis was born!" 


Wikipedia says: The Wild Haggis (Haggis scoticus) is a creature native to the Scottish Highlands. ... The Wild Haggis's right and left legs are of different lengths, allowing it to run quickly around the steep mountains and hillsides which make up its natural habitat, but only in one direction.

(Oh how I laughed ... SF)


Hamish McHaggis

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  • 61x122x4cm
  • Acrylic on Loxely Gold Deep Edge canvas which can be hung directly on the wall. This high quality canvas has no staples or pins on the sides, and has been painted completely around the edges for a seamless look. Loxely canvases are constructed of sturdy, solid wood stretcher bars, which are made from sustainably sourced, FSC approved timber.

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