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Original painting. Acrylic on canvas 46 x 61 cm. (Prints also available)Alpacas are the epitome of quirkiness .... they love to sunbathe, they're great lawnmowers, they hum when happy or curious, they smile, they have crazy haircuts ... what's not to love?

"Sam Fenner is well known for her contemporary and eye-catching dog portraits. Through stunning technique and with wonderful painterly quality, she manages to skillfully convey each dog's unique expression and successfully capture their personality on canvas. Sam's sought-after work never ceases to delight." (PB, Curator)

You Can Call Me Al ... (Paca)

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Acrylic on Loxely Gold Deep Edge canvas which can be hung directly on the wall. This high quality canvas has no staples or pins on the sides, and has been painted completely around the edges for a seamless look. Loxely canvases are constructed of sturdy, solid wood stretcher bars, which are made from sustainably sourced, FSC approved timber.

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