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During Spring, hares can often been seen 'boxing'. This has previously been attributed to intermale competition, but closer observation has revealed it is usually a female hitting a male to prevent copulation, usually due to the fact she's having a mad hare day ...


This hilarious hare is one of Sam's earliest characters and still remains extremely popular in print form. Part of the appeal is his hilarious startled expression and those outrageous ears, they never fail to raise a smile. This gorgeous high-definition print oozes colour and character and is a talking point on any wall. Very popular in hairdressing salons too!!


Mad Hare Day! Limited Edition Print

Only 2 left in stock

SAM FENNER ART LIMITED EDITION PRINTS:  A bigger print than the open editions, and only 150 editions of each image printed. Individually hand signed, titled and numbered by the artist. Once that edition has sold it cannot be printed again, making them unique in number. These beautiful high quality art prints are ready mounted in Antique White Cotswold Mounts which fit standard size frames so no need for bespoke framing. Each print is presented in a high quality protective sleeve and envelope.

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