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With his imposing horns, and his masterful stance

He can make lasses wobble with one sideways glance,

For Wally McWindy’s one handsome fellow

A virtuoso on bagpipes

But pants on the cello (Sam Fenner)


"Wally is one of my all-time favourites, and probably one of my cheekiest characters! The original canvas was huge ... almost 1.5m wide, and I love painting on that scale. It gives me chance to play around with colour, composition and movement of the hair, all of which add to the character. I paint most of these highland cows from my imagination so I'm never quite sure who is going to appear on the canvas ... I'm happy Wally appeared! Wally McWindy is a best-selling open edition print, limited edition print and tote bag, I hope he makes you smile." SF

Wally McWindy Print

Only 3 left in stock
  • An open edition print is a print that has no limit to the the number printed. They are not numbered like limited edition prints.
  • These fine art prints are reproduced on high quality paper.
  • Ready mounted in Antique White Cotswold Mounts which fit standard size frames so no need for bespoke framing.
  • Each print is presented in a high quality protective sleeve and envelope.
  • All prints are hand titled and signed underneath the image.

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